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Image of Natasha Walker walking her dog Raffy
My Story

I'm Natasha, web designer and digital strategist.  I am both business minded and artistic and when I am not working, I can be found doing a quick watercolour with my dog Raffy, in Richmond Park, London.

Previously, I spent 7 years in press and public relations promoting the work and role of the House of Lords, in the UK's Parliament. I handled publicity, produced all sorts of promotional and educational materials and interacted with journalists, TV broadcasters, photographers as well as the Lords and Baronesses themselves!  More recently, I co-founded a 'next generation' cook from fresh, meal kit solution start-up business.  I have first hand knowledge of the challenges of having your own business!

Today, I find great joy in helping business owners through my company Advantageous Web Design & Strategy.  With my knowledge and experience, I can help new and seasoned business owners alike, to find confidence and success in their online presence.  I believe that a website is one of the corner stones of a business, and I love, love, love, watching my client's grow and flourish.  A key part of the process to establish a website of you dreams, is my brand strategy interview.  This process really helps to clarify your business and maps out where you want to go and how to get there.  I've witnessed a client have a full 'aha' moment, which led them to their own niche, in which they are the go-to expert.

Image of Natasha Walker in an apple orchard
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