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Client Work

Jacky Lampl Wellness
Yoga & Nutrition


Jacky Lampl is an advanced yoga teacher and fully qualified certified nutritional therapist based on functional medicine. She is passionate about empowering others on their health journey, building a community of dedicated yogis and people interested in optimising their health and aging better.

Project Goals

To create a website that accurately reflects Jacky's brand and professional image, and to grow her client base. A website that combines Jacky's offering of both yoga and nutrition and creates a closer association.  The scope of the project was to create a custom website that includes a booking page, a monthly newsletter, a blog, social media integration and, branding that reflects Jacky and attracts her target audience. The website had a mixture of Jacky's own photographs, carefully curated stock photography and copywriting in her brand voice.

Jacky full screen shot.png
Jacky full screen shot.png
Jacky full screen shot.png

Ursula Kaprawy
Crystal Healer


Ursula Kaprawy, is a gifted crystal healer and artist. She regularly gives talks and has recently held a meditation and art event at the Royal Society of Arts. Ursula wanted a website that would showcase her unique gifts and offerings. As well as crystal healing she offers crystal readings, womb healing, women's circles, astrology readings, art mediation and manifestation, healing circles and crystal home cleansing. Her website enables her clients to book workshops and events, order a gift card, shop unique gifts and buy her art as well as an opportunity to subscribe to her newsletter.


Project Goals

Ursula had  her own logo and font and wanted her website to be accented with a strong powerful red and a golden yellow. The warm neutrals give grounding to the brand, resonating with an earthy sense of support. We created a visually beautiful website using Ursula's own images. Many of Ursula's offerings are unknown, she uses her website to explain what each offering is and how it can enhance your life. Her website is a tool to educate, bring her community together and welcome new members into her enlightening and healing offerings.

Screenshot 2023-11-13 at 21-45-40 Ursula Kaprawy - Crystal Healing Readings Astrology Circ
Screenshot 2023-11-13 at 22-04-47 Crystal Healing Ursula Kaprawy London.png
Screenshot 2023-11-13 at 22-09-33 Crystal Home Cleanse Ursula Kaprawy London.png

Sally Ayyad
Health & Sports Nutrition 


Sally Ayyad wasn't always a sports nutritionist and health & wellness coach, at a young age she had been a competitive swimmer and then later worked in finance. After witnessing health challenges in friends and family she decided to pursue her dream to help others by gaining her Master's degree in nutrition and qualifying as a certified health and wellness coach with the Mayo Clinic. Sally has had incredible results with her clients.

Project Goals

Sally wanted a website that builds trust and confidence for her ideal clients and connects with her current ones. The branding has a classic, sporty, yet a nurturing and optimistic feel that accurately reflects her vision for her offering.

Screenshot 2023-11-13 at 22-21-19 Health & Sports Nutrition Coaching Sally Ayyad.png
Screenshot 2023-11-13 at 22-21-57 Health & Sports Nutrition Coaching Sally Ayyad.png
Screenshot 2023-11-13 at 22-22-53 BLOG Sally Ayyad Health & Sports Nutrition.png
Screenshot 2023-11-13 at 16.11_edited.jpg

The website is made up of 5 core pages: a homepage, about page, contact page, FAQ's and a blog page.

Sally plans to create a recipe page and a newsletter which she can easily add to her website in the future.

Sally Ayyad, Healthy Living Brand  Style Guide_edited.jpg

Every colour has a meaning. Sally's colours were chosen carefully to connect with her ideal clients: dark blue is associated with knowledge, authority and reliability. Gold is a premium colour associated with success, accomplishment and power and beige is dependable, neutral, calm and relaxing.

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